Wellness Counseling Certification Program

 The Wellness Institute Learning Group - Director’s Grant

        The Wellness Institute Learning Group (TWILG) offers grants for its Certified Wellness Counselor         program (CWC) at the discretion of the School Director.  The following criteria apply:

 1)   An essay of 500 words describing your professional goals and how your education at TWILG will help you meet those.

 2)   Financial need (based on personal financial statement and additional documents/statements chosen by the applicant).

 The Director’s Grants have a value of up to $1,500 and may be awarded in any increments thereof.  No more than $200 may be applied per CWC course.  The institution is under no obligation to award these grants and may be offered as the School Director deems useful.  When the grants are being offered for a particular time-frame, all new students are eligible to apply.