Wellness Counseling Certification Program

Program Information

Program Description 

The Full Wellness Counseling Certification Program curriculum is far superior to any coaching training that may currently exist and leads to a certification approved by the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges & Schools. The program is for licensed Counselors & Social Workers (LPC, LPCC,LSW LISW, MFT, IMFT and Licensed School Counselors) who wish to further their education and receive recognition in the form of a credential in the area of Wellness Counseling. The successfully completed program includes a Certified Wellness Counselor (CWC) credential.

Certification Coursework

The Weekend Intensive Wellness Counseling Certificate is earned by completing 4 courses on a three day weekend that includes 23 class hours of course work. Three of the courses focus on the knowledge and skills needed to counsel with expertise from a Wellness orientation. The remaining course focuses on Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM). The CAM course will expose the counselor to providers and methods of CAM that may be used as adjuncts to counseling therapy. 

All of the program courses are taught (unless otherwise arranged) at the Wellness Learning Group at 7140 North High Street, Suite 250, Worthington, Ohio 43085.

Seven Core Competencies

The Wellness Counseling Certificate coursework is organized around seven core competency areas. These competencies are covered in multiple ways in several different courses to provide the learner with ample opportunity for mastery.  The table below:

Competency Area


Course Covered

1.      Foundations of Knowledge

Area includes background knowledge, history of wellness as a paradigm for healthcare in United States.

WEL 1000

2.      Theory

Student will demonstrate knowledge of the theoretical evolution of wellness counseling as a discipline, and mastery of knowledge concerning modern models of wellness.

WEL 1000

CAM 1000

3.      Ethical Business Practices

Student will demonstrate knowledge and practice of the ACA code of ethics, Ohio State Law, and ethical decision making models in relation to wellness counseling. Student will demonstrate knowledge of the business aspects of wellness counseling.

WEL 1003

CAM 1000

4.      Behavior Change

Student will demonstrate knowledge and practice of the theories and models relating to behavior change.

WEL 1000, 1001

5.      Assessment & Treatment Planning

Student will have the ability to conduct wellness and health assessments, and develop treatment plans based on data derived from those assessments.

WEL 1001

CAM 1000

6.      Prevention & Intervention

Student will be able to demonstrate competent practice of counseling prevention and intervention methods.

WEL 1001, 1003

CAM 1000

7.      Complimentary & Alternative Care

Student will demonstrate knowledge and practical competency concerning CAM practices.

CAM 1000


Course Curriculum - Weekend Intensive Course

The following provides a listing of our weekend intensive certification program with tuition. 


Course #

Course Name




WEL1000, 1001, 1003

Wellness Counseling Introduction, Practice, Practical Issues

P. Granello,   

  23 hours



Introduction to CAM

D. Cunningham

Hours = 23

Other Coursework

Courses, workshops and programs in Wellness Counseling of other duration are also taught by The Wellness Learning Group. An example would be one day or half day workshops. While these do not lead to a certification, they do introduce the counselor and social worker to the basic concepts of Wellness Counseling and they are offered for CEU's. Watch this website and our newsletter for announcements of such offerings.

These can also be conducted at the interested party's location and, for the students, the hours and cost of the class can be counted toward the above certification program. Contact us if you have interest in arranging for an offering at your location.


There are a limited number of assistance grants for which students may apply. These grants are directly applied for tuition remission.  In order to apply complete the grant application form and submit it for consideration of the admissions committee.  Grant recipients will be notified in writing within two weeks of submission of the form.